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The Drip Clinic

The Light that Guides Me

The Light that Guides Me

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Aaron Allen is an multidisciplinary artist from Phoenix, Arizona currently living in Palm Springs,
California creating artwork spanning from abstract, portrait, figurative, street scene and
landscapes. Aaron’s work consists mainly of acrylics, oil, and spray paint with vibrant colors,
patterns with figures often placed in work,with eyes closed giving viewers a sense of emotion
and depth.
This collection was intended to merge fine art with street art or bend the rules on what is
considered fine art. This series is a combination of pieces created while traveling to Europe this
summer for the first time, traveling through Mexico as well as the states in 2022. During this
time I visited over 100 museums, art galleries and art shows as well as soaking up the street art
scene from Germany, Spain, and Italy. Most of the work shown was a part of a Museum exhibit
recently at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix. One of my biggest goals is to inspire children to
explore art on all facets and encourage art participation among the youth. I want children who
look like to know there’s a place for you at the table in this world of art also. My latest work was
also inspired by the loss of my mother in late December 2022.

Acrylic on canvas

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